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Astral Digital are your specialist partner in CRM, email & SMS, data and digital marketing – no bullshit, just freeing up your time with our revolutionary approach to CRM and making lots of money for the businesses we work with. 

And it’s all done using data-backed solutions and a sprinkle of passion.

No outrageous fees – we believe that everyone should be able to afford to thrive. We offer our services at an affordable and flexible price.

We’re not timewasters – we don’t waste our clients’ time. If we don’t think we can do it, we’ll tell you. If it’s out of our specialisms, we’ll also tell you.

We value YOU – we don’t take our clients for granted. You’re not just our client, you’re our partner. Your RESULTS are OUR results. 

I’m Beth, Founder of Astral Digital, we’ve made over £4 million in revenue for our clients in 2023.
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It’s time to add peace to the chaos of your CRM and Marketing

You deserve to have great results and to thrive.

But getting there requires a CRM and marketing that supports your business goals, accelerates your growth, and nurtures your leads properly.

And you can have it all running like a well-oiled machine while you focus on keeping the other elements of your organisation ticking along, or running your business or a marketing team, because we’re just as invested in your success as you are.

No bamboozling agency-associated fees or hoops to jump through, just the results you deserve with a partner that preserves your sanity and catalyses your growth.

(Wave goodbye to those chaotic Excel spreadsheets, email marketing that does nothing for your business, and the headaches they give you.)


Ready to accelerate growth and increase conversions?

We won’t toot our own trumpet or BS over what we ‘can’ deliver; we focus on what we will deliver.

That’s why we value the data that matters rather than superficial metrics that sound great but don’t deliver results with impact – we’re looking at you, email open rates as a KPI.

We focus on our three-step framework to boost growth and revenue for your business by understanding your needs and challenges.

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Projects Completed


Happy Clients


£'s in Revenue


Audits done




Feeling overwhelmed or unsure where to start with your CRM and marketing efforts isn’t uncommon – trust me, I felt the same way back when I was an in-house marketer (you usually get email thrown on your plate). 

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. You can have:

In this future, your customer relationships are THRIVING, and so is your head of hair because you aren’t losing it by stressing over your CRM and marketing.

Things are so streamlined that growth isn’t an uphill struggle, it’s a leisurely stroll, and we’ll be there by your side to support you.

Seizing the opportunities to get where you want to be has never been easier.


What our clients say.

We LOVE making our clients happy, they are our partners. Their results are OUR results! 

"I reached out to Beth as we needed help with member communications and general CRM-related projects, we needed an audit and overhaul of everything email. Beth is attentive, thorough, and knowledgeable. She works well to tight deadlines and is able to work with multiple people in our team to ensure projects are completed to a high standard. We have regular virtual catch-ups and Beth always follows up via email covering everything in the call. As a busy business owner, this makes my life so much easier. Working with Beth is a pleasure, she's always buzzing with great ideas and it's evident that she is willing to go above and beyond for her clients."

Olivia Hanlon Founder, Girls in Marketing

"I approached Beth about an email and CRM audit after following her great updates on LinkedIn. I liked the fact it wasn’t a hard sell, and you could tell she loves what she does. The plan to delivering an audit was clearly laid out for us with a timeline, so an expectation was set up out from the start. Before reading the audit, I was impressed to get it on the day she promised – which can be uncommon in the agency world. The audit itself was thorough, she explained what we had done well and what needed to be improved, with clear actions and quick wins. Overall, we’re happy with the audit and we know there lots more we can be doing to generate more revenue from our CRM and emails. I can see us working with Beth again in the future to help guide us on our journey."

Dave Ashbolt Head of Marketing, Materials Market

"Beth jumped aboard quickly to help us onboard HubSpot and make it work for us. She set up a clear sales pipeline & process created sales automations, lead nurture flows, email marketing & welcome journeys, personalised to every subscriber. We've been able to have visibility over what leads are coming in AND THE AUTOMATION HAS SAVED US SO MUCH TIME. Not only that leads are warmer, converting faster & we've seen growth. Beth and the team are very knowledgeable and I really liked the data first approach they took to helping us at Gaia Learning. We really enjoyed working with Beth, she gets it done and just feels like part of the team"

Kate Longworth CEO, Gaia Learning

"My feedback would be for you to charge more - you're doing gods work in a space I have very little knowledge about when it comes to effective targeting. Back yourself & know your worth!"

Harry CEO/Founder of BANDIT

"Beth really is the queen of CRM, her knowledge is incredible and her approach is just REFRESHING. She's helped me deliver amazing client wins and Astral Digital are amazing - if you're thinking of working with them - DO IT!"

Sophie Donald Founder, Zest Marketing Agency

"We were very happy with the digital audit Astral Digital carried out for us, they were fantastic! They were extremely comprehensive and covered across all of our main channels. The audits highlighted a number of ‘quick wins’, as well as some longer-term strategic priorities for the organisation. Beth followed up the audits with some workshops and brainstorming sessions that really helped the marketing team focus on their priorities, and the senior leadership team understand the challenges. Extremely useful and will help us deliver a much better user/customer experience."

Lee Sadler Head of Commercial, The BCI

When you’re swimming in spreadsheets, CRMs, and marketing that doesn’t work, we’re your lifeguards.

From bringing all of your info under one digital roof to elevating your customers’ experience, we’re here to drive customer engagement and retention, and more importantly, revenue.

We’re here to streamline your CRM and marketing efforts so that you can take a moment to breathe (in, out… innnnnn, ouuuuuuuuuut).

We do this through consultancy, strategy, delivery & implementation services (service pages coming soon we promise!). 

Get in touch to have a chat & find out more. 

Before you get a sigh in, the answer is that it depends.

There isn’t a set or fixed amount of time per service, as each business is different – If someone did tell you they had a fixed turnaround for every business for a service, we’d tell you to run because how could the service be bespoke to your needs if each business gets the same amount of time?

We do, however, have project deliverables we work towards, so we always aim to deliver a CRM project way within 3 months. We get your automation set up and everything streamlined, ready to go.

But for reference, these are the factors that will influence how long it’s going to take us:

  • Your business goals
  • The current systems you have
  • How much data you’ve got
  • The resources you have internally

Long story short, we won’t bullshit you.

We take the time to build something bespoke, which means we’re not implementing the same solutions for every business because every business will have different goals, challenges and needs.

TL;DR: we’ll be transparent about project timelines and create something unique for each business.

Because you have great taste? 💅

In all seriousness, we’re solution architects.

We take all your problems and challenges and go away to create bespoke solutions for every business we work with.

More importantly, though, in a sea of unethical advertising and promises from agencies, we’re perfectly comfortable with saying no.

If we don’t think we can deliver something to the best of our ability, or if we don’t think something is suitable for you, we aren’t going to do it.

We genuinely believe in delivering the right solution for you, and sometimes that means saying no, and we’ll never endorse anything that doesn’t deliver the best results.
Plus, we’ve got no hidden or outrageous agency-associated fees, and we’re a specialist partner you can trust (and get along like a house on fire with!) and we do a little happy dance every time we get a new client.

You might even want to take us out for a cheeky Nandos, but we won’t make it a requirement for partnering with us.

We won’t provide you with video evidence of that, though.

If we had to summarise our response to this, it’d be this: if you’re using the wrong system or not utilising it to its full potential, your organisation is ultimately going to suffer in the long term.

Short-term fixes are exactly that – they’re short-term.

Which means if you want long-term solutions that increase your revenue, growth and peace of mind, it makes sense to invest in the support of a specialist partner (spoiler alert: it’s us!).

To set a business and its internal marketing team up for long-term success or boost its current growth trajectory, it makes sense to look at the bigger picture and streamline your processes accordingly.
We could say something really cheesy like ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’, but that’s not really our style.

Let’s just say if you want everything working at its absolute best to achieve your absolute best, work with us.

We don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but… if it’s not working, then it’s not being done right.

But we can fix that for you and give you amazing results in anywhere from six weeks to six months, depending on the project (though we aim to show results within 12 weeks of going live with the project).

Email marketing can have huge benefits for a business but only when it’s done properly, which is what we’re here for!

No problem, officer! 👮

You can check out our testimonials higher up this page to find out why businesses have trusted us and the exceptional results we’ve delivered for them.

But to put it simply, in just 12 months of doing this for over 25 brands, we’ve helped generate over £3 million in revenue.

We know we might seem super biased, but we believe there’s a huge difference between a CRM that is viewed as simply a static database rather than a marketing and sales tool.

This switch in how you use your CRM also changes the value you get from it. The second you use it as a marketing tool, you’ll accelerate your business growth and increase revenue.

We understand that in the past, your CRM may have just been a database or something that was there ‘just because’.
But we can make your CRM work for you and benefit you by tying up your sales and marketing into one, so your sales process is streamlined, and you’re nurturing and qualifying your leads through your marketing.

We want to make sure you’re sending the right messages at the right time to the right people (to the right, to the right, everything you own in a box to the right…🎶).

You might be sending as many as 30 emails a week, but they’re to different segments because they’re at different stages, as an example, and the same applies with SMS.

But in a nutshell, we take the problem and develop a structure and a system that not only solves these issues but also gets you results to keep you growing.


All that’s left to do now is give us some information on the type of support you need from us. 

You can fill out the handy form to let us know a bit more about your business, your project, and your budget – if you’re not sure what you need but know you need some support in any of the areas we cover, you can just say that too!

Once we’ve got your info, we can arrange a video call or follow-up to establish our next steps…

Are you as excited as we are?

Drop me an email

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